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Comprehensive oversight across every access point

Protect user identities with a simple, secure access and authentication solution.


Implementing thorough security policies can be complicated.

Cybersecurity teams are tasked with ensuring customer, employee and company information remain secure so sensitive data is not at risk. However, complex security policies overburden IT while adversely affecting user access.

LastPass Business’s identity as a solution (IDaaS) – our password management, Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-on (SSO) bundle – solve this challenge by being your team’s all-in-one access and authentication solution.


Secure user password management, simplified.

LastPass Business’s identity solution is easy to use, simple to deploy and secures sensitive data by handing the reins to IT.


Unified, simple control

Create unified visibility across every access point without the hassle of managing multiple solutions.


Protect your identity everywhere

Manage access policies for every app and device down to the user or group level.


Simplify deployment

Integrate with your existing infrastructure for immediate control over your business ecosystem.


Strong, but invisible security

Manage access and authentication seamlessly, so that your employees don’t even know you’re there.


Flexible, adaptive authentication

Leverage biometric and contextual factors – geolocation, fingerprint, voice – to verify user’s identity.


Frictionless user experience

Securely authenticate users into their work without needing to type a password.

Protect your identity with LastPass Business’s all-in-one access and authentication solution.

Deploy LastPass Business’s password manager, MFA and SSO to secure access to your business, for all your users, no matter where they are.