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What is  Single Sign-On? (SSO)

Single Sign-On addresses today's new remote work environment.


What is SSO?

Single sign-on grants authorized employees or users access to applications with one set of login credentials, based on a users' identity and permissions rather than having them memorize multiple, strong passwords. Single sign-on  relies on  SAML  (Security Assertion Markup Language), a secure, behind-the-scenes protocol, to authenticate users to cloud, mobile, legacy and on-premise apps.

SSO is one component of the LastPass Identity suite. When combined with enterprise password management (EPM) and secure multifactor authentication (MFA) , it brings visibility and security to every user and access point, for businesses of all sizes.

Industry trends drive need for SSO solutions

The business landscape and work environment continue to evolve to address new ways of working with customers and teams. 


Works anywhere

Workers expect that employers will let them work anywhere at any time, accessing company information on-demand via simple and fast tools. 


Automate onboarding

Increased talent turnover means IT departments spend more time setting up computers and user accounts while protecting sensitive information from people who have left.


Deploy instantly

IT teams are struggling with a diverse set of tools and mobile apps that must be managed and protected, including identity and access management (IAM).

Along with these trends, there are new threats from cybercriminals who increasingly target small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Security risks like data breaches are on the rise and often involve criminals who gain access through weak or stolen passwords, phishing, and other schemes. 

Cybersecurity regulations and requirements continue to increase as a way to maintain customer privacy while delivering exceptional  user experiences. These rules mean companies have to manage and secure user credentials and access, enable multifactor authentication, and provide detailed audits on user activity.

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Addressing pain points

Businesses must address security and accessibility challenges without fatiguing their employees and users in the process.

Organizations will experience complex challenges when ensuring security and accessibility to different applications. With an ever-evolving technological landscape, where users and employees struggle with password fatigue, IT teams must balance protecting customer data with providing secure, simple employee access.

When budgets are tight, every investment must show a strong ROI. Yet, ROI can be difficult to calculate when it comes to security tools, access control, and user authentication within the IT stack. Often, IT personnel opt for the most cost-effective solution instead of exploring options that may better optimize the user experience  and ensure security.

IT faces constant pressure to reduce potential security risks. The primary line of defense is ensuring users utilize strong sign-on credentials while not reusing passwords. However, an increasing number of web and mobile applications do not integrate or allow for security features like two-factor authentication.

Solving pain points with LastPass Identity

Security can’t be sacrificed.



LastPass has an extensive SSO app catalog, including cloud, legacy, and mobile apps, making setting up SSO simple. Custom APIs let you leverage existing tools and systems.


Eliminate hassle

Reduce the number of passwords you need to remember by using LastPass' single sign-on process for intuitive access and multifactor authentication experience. It works on everything from cloud and legacy apps to VPN and workstations



LastPass provides your organization with unified visibility and granular control from a single dashboard. With more than 100 policies designed to manage users at the individual, group, and organization level, LastPass delivers the latest security solutions within the scope of your pre-existing infrastructure.

Benefits of SSO

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  • Universal Access: LastPass is the only solution on the market that provides single sign-on, biometric authentication, and best-in-class password management to meet customer’s security standards.
  • With over an extensive SSO app catalog, adding your first application is simple.
  • Ease of Use: Users can seamlessly access their applications across all entry points for an exceptional  user experience  for each employee.
  • Intelligent Authentication: By combining biometric and contextual intelligence, LastPass MFA proves a user’s identity with a combination of factors, without increasing the frustration of the login experience.
  • Passwordless: Provide users with an alternative to passwords with LastPass combined single sign-on, password management, and multi-factor authentication.
  • Granular Control: Over 100 security policies to help manage user access and authentication at the individual, group, and organizational level.
  • Single Dashboard View: IT has one place to automatically add and remove users, deploy authentication methods, set up  user access  alerts, and manage security policies.
  • Balanced  User Experience  and Security: LastPass delivers one solution to manage all user access and authentication.
  • Zero-Knowledge Security: Designed to keep sensitive data safe with a Zero-Knowledge approach. Biometric data and encryption keys never leave the user’s device, so personal information remains secure and private.

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