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Secure password sharing

Collaborate across the business with group-based sharing that keeps everyone in sync.

Goodbye, password spreadsheets

Shared Excel files full of passwords and logins are just too clunky – not to mention insecure.

Keep everyone in sync

Password sharing with LastPass is quick and convenient, and keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest changes.

Share one login or many

No matter how many logins need to be shared, LastPass makes it easy to share credentials with others.

Maintain oversight

Admins can see which accounts are being shared, and who has access to them, so passwords can be revoked when needed.

“When I started a few years ago, it was a month-long process for me to get to the person who held the keys to a site and get the password, then add it to an Excel spreadsheet or write it on a piece of paper. Now, with LastPass, everything’s in a central, secure place. We can add new shared users and remove shared users immediately. That makes LastPass invaluable.” Bryan Fernandez Director of Product, FlightNetwork Download the Case Study

Shared folders for teams

Simplify the sharing of dozens or hundreds of passwords and notes with LastPass' shared folders.

Simplified collaboration

Group passwords by team or project, so people only have access to what they need to get the job done.

Per-user permissions

Share a folder with many people while customizing each person's permissions - including whether they can see all or some of the folder's contents.

Easy management and updates

Quickly add and remove employees, and streamline password updates by automatically syncing changes to shared logins.

Control shared access

LastPass offers IT the oversight and management options needed to track shared accounts.

Customized permissions

Share accounts without sharing passwords, and without losing accountability. Hide passwords on a folder, group, or individual basis. Restrict access at the site level, per user, even in the same Shared Folder.

Policy-driven sharing

Create customized, enforceable security policies. Require shared credentials to have strong, unique passwords and prevent users from sharing outside the organization. Allow users to create Shared Folders, or lockdown to admins only.

Administrator oversight

Share credentials for websites while maintaining control and tying activity back to an individual user. Reporting logs for admins and auditors include time stamps, known changes, and details of who accessed the site and from where.


Automate with AD

Assign and maintain Shared Folders for the appropriate user group using your existing Active Directory groups. As Active Directory is updated, LastPass reflects on-the-spot changes to user accounts, including when they're deleted.


Secure passwords in your large-scale business

Large businesses need a password manager that integrates with their existing technology and the entire organization.

LastPass Business for Enterprise does just that. Leverage your user directory with seamless provisioning and federated login. Also, save up to 25% off with flat-fee pricing when you get a LastPass site license.

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