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Emergency Access

Life happens. But it shouldn't put your passwords, accounts, and sensitive data at risk. Make sure someone you trust can access your LastPass account in the event of an emergency.


Lost passwords don't stay lost with LastPass

Your digital life is worth protecting. You need to make sure someone you trust can access your accounts and secure notes in the event of a healthcare emergency or death. LastPass Emergency Access offers users just that.

Consider it your personal emergency contact for your digital life. If you or a member of your LastPass Families account ever need to request access as a result of an emergency, the emergency contact can do so – whether immediately or after a specified time period.

Users can use our Emergency Access premium feature to:

  • Give your spouse access to health information – stored in Secure Notes – if serious physical harm, accident, or medical emergency were to occur.
  • Assist aging parents by ensuring you have access to their account information and digital will – passwords, mortgage info, health insurance, a copy of their will, and more – should you ever need it.
  • Provide vault access to your children if your health is in serious jeopardy.

How to use emergency access

With Emergency Access, you can grant one-time access to your LastPass Vault to one or more designated emergency contacts – who are also LastPass users. Yet, how does it work?

Say you have an aging parent who is suffering from a critical, late-stage medical condition. They've also never shared their master password with you. You need an emergency action plan to access their digital will when the time comes.

You can attain access to their LastPass Vault – passwords, accounts, and secure notes – by becoming their emergency contact. You can set up and request access to their account through the following steps:

  1. Have your parent log in to their LastPass Vault and navigate to Emergency Access.
  2. Ask them to invite you by entering your email and specifying a wait time – the allotted time when the Emergency Access user can request access and when they are approved access (account access is granted if the request is not denied within the time window).
  3. Log in to your LastPass account and accept their invitation.
  4. After they have passed away, you can access their account by opening your vault, selecting Emergency Access, and confirming you want to 'Request Access.'
  5. Following the wait time, you are granted access. You can now access their sensitive information and data to handle their end-of-life affairs.

Make sure someone's there for you when you need it most

Password loss can be devastating. As we live more of our lives online, it's important to have a contingency plan to protect our accounts, data, and information once we're gone. Emergency Access give others simple, safe access to your passwords, accounts, and secure notes on your behalf – in the event of an emergency or death.

Whether you want to invite one friend or five family members, Emergency Access allows you to add other LastPass users (that you trust) as emergency contacts. Just as you hope emergency services like the fire department will be there for you when you need them most, your emergency contacts are there to guarantee your passwords never truly get lost.

Access is granted only when you approve of it. By setting a wait time when choosing your contacts, you give yourself a chance to deny access.

For instance, you get into a car accident. You're injured and taken to the hospital by an ambulance; yet you're cognizant and still have control of your bodily functions. Upon hearing the news of your accident, your spouse instantly requests Emergency Access.

Similarly, you can deny other access requests to protect your account. Otherwise, access will be granted if the wait time expires without action on your part – which, likely, means the request was justified.


Make sure your passwords never go missing

Protect your passwords in the event of a medical emergency or personal crisis. Give someone you trust access to your account with LastPass Emergency Access.